Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Update!

Jenna enjoying going sledding in our FRONT yard! haha...yes, we have a LOT LOT LOT of snow here this year...I'm wondering if it might take until July to all melt!

Emily, holding our tray of heart-shaped veggies for our special Valentine's supper! It also included a heart shaped meatloaf! haha :)

Kira...just being cute! :) She's growing quickly and is currently eating every piece of dirt or tiny toy that she can find on the floor...the time has once again come for the "daily sweep & vacuum!" Thankfully, this time I have some other helpers (Tate & Emily :) ) to help me keep the floors clean!

Tate...learning to skate has been our goal for the past few weeks! Every Friday, Daddy takes Tate to the free public skate...and I hear that he is starting to "get it!"


Mama S said...

We have lots of snow here too :-) all your little one are growing soooo much, have a great day


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