Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Our 3rd Little Princess...

Kira...our 3rd beautiful little girl! 

We love:
 ~ her smile...she smiles at us A LOT!
~ her giggles & laughs!
~ How she find everything SO fascinating...including holding up her hands or her feet and staring at them as if she's trying to figure out what those funny looking things are. ;)
~ how absolutely content and easy going she is
~ how she loves to snuggle
~ how shy she is, dad, Tate, Emily & Jenna are definitely her favorite people :)
~ how she kicks and splashes in the bath water
~ how cute & loveable and happy you are! :)


Kalle said...

Your princesses are so cute! Kira has grown so much and has the most adorable smile! ;)

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