Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100 days of School!

This week we finally reached 100 days of School with Tate!! He was SUPER excited. :) I had planned a treasure hunt for them to do - all clues that Tate could read on his own! At the end I put together a little gift bag of "school-ish" gifts for each of them. It was lots of fun and we're definitely going to make this a yearly tradition!! Here they are with the bags of goodies - as you can tell, Jenna couldn't wait for a picture before she had to "dig in!" :)

And just for fun...this is how we found Emily sleeping that night. Apparently the floor was more comfy than her bed. :) She has always been our one kid that I've found sleeping in the weirdest positions. She was curled up right next to the furnace vent least it was blowing warm air!


Kalle said...

What a fun tradition. Love the photo of Emily, Emmett sleeps the same ways some nights.

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