Sunday, February 10, 2008

So far...

This pregnancy so far...has been a lot like my first one! Really. It has. So does that mean I'm having another boy? Maybe. Maybe not. :) Jonathan guesses that it's a guess (which is a TOTAL guess - I'm not one of those people who can "tell") is a boy. What's YOUR guess?!!? ;) But really, it's almost like being pregnant with Tate all over again. He was a GOOD baby even in my tummy! He slept at night and never woke me up because he was jumpin' around in there at night. This baby sleeps all night too...he/she never wakes me up at night. In fact, Tate never really was a very active baby in my tummy...and still isn't. He's calm, laid back, etc. most of the time! This baby isn't that active either - enough to know it's alive and well...but that's about it. Sooo, does that mean we'll have another calm, laid back, and extremely good baby?! I hope so!! haha. :)

Hmmm...the only real difference is that this time I already have Tate so I don't think about being pregnant NEARLY as much - which makes it go by faster. Plus I can't just, you know, lie down whenever I want, etc. But Tate is usually so good that it's really not an issue anyways.

Okay...and on another topic...I think Tate is finally getting a TOOTH!! It's been about 4 months since he's got ANY teeth - and I can finally see one under the gum...WOW! SO that means he'll have 6 teeth then. And yes, he's 1 1/ 6 teeth isn't that much, but biggie...the teeth are there - they'll come out one of these days! ;)

And back to the other topic...check it out - the first picture is me pregnant with Tate, and the 2nd picture is me pregnant at 4 months with this baby.

With Tate...(you couldn't even tell!!!)
This time around...yeah, that's other tummy is much bigger this time around! ;)


Ellen said...

so my guess.. so far (it could change yet), but I'm going to side with you and I think it's going to be a boy.. and YAY for teeth (mind you it can make the kids a little cranky) hope you are blessed enough to get two calm, laid back little bundles :)

Pam said...

I'm terrible with guessing! I was wrong with both of my kids! I was much bigger the second time around. Your body just falls back into place.

I never had calm kids in my tummy and they are not calm outside either so I hope you have two calm kids.

Ashlyn was 13 months old before she got a tooth- so I understand what you are going through with Tate and his teeth. I was told it is actually better because the teeth end up being strong, etc. And since they get them late- they might lose them later. Less time for the adult teeth to get ruined.

Thanks for the baby update!!

VICTORIA said...

I knew with every one of my kids. Your tummy is bigger d/t it is the 2nd time around, your stomach muscles are more relaxed, and the uterus falls 'out' more than the 1st with each following child. My 4th, I was HUGE! She was 9lbs though, and 2 weeks early, via Csection. She might have gotten to 10 lbs.
Also, with my boy, I had dreams of blonde haired little boy. I knew.

Stacey said...

Wow! That is a big difference in your belly pictures! You look super cute! I'm not going to guess on this baby yet. So far I'm just not sure. I can't wait to meet him/her though!

Allie said...

Hmm ... that is a toughie. If you feel the same as you said, then I am going to side with you and say that it is a boy.

And teeth? Wow Tate, you are a trooper! Kind of funny that he only has six but what can you do? I have a girlfriend whose daughter will be two in April and she is just cutting her molars .... so is in the same boat as your little man.

Kristi said...

I guessed right with my first and I found out for my 2nd. We are still in discussion about #3 but I am quite sure I don't want to know ahead of time.

Drea said...

its interesting how eat moms 2nd pregnancy is different.
with caleb i was much bigger but only a lb heavier. he was also a pound heavier at birth than taite.. so that probably had a lot to do with it.
I gained 25 with Caleb and 24 with Taite.
Caleb was 7lbs 11oz Taite was 6lbs 8oz. Both good sizes.

But with Taite I was really small!! A lot of people asked me if I ate ok cause it concerned them I think. Obviously he is fine ;-)

Maybe your having twins or just a larger baby hehe. sometimes babies the 2nd time around result in bigger bellies because the body is already stretched from the 1st birth. ahh the joys of pregnancy changes.

Damselfly said...

You look great! I'm glad things seem to be going well. As for your belly ... oh dear. I have heard the subsequent babies make your belly bigger than the first. With Fly, many people couldn't tell I was pregnant until my last trimester. (Shh... I didn't even get stretch marks!) But I fear if I have a second one, all belly bets are off!

Kelly said...

I;m pregnant with my second baby too and my pregnancy is going about the same as well. I can't tell if there is just a way that you are when you're pregnant or if the baby determines the difference. We don't know what ours is going to be either but I suspect another girl. 4 1/2 weeks and we'll know. Good luck with everything!

Erin said...

Hey Andrea! I just tried to send you an email, but for some reason I must have the wrong address...can you send me your email so I have it?? Thanks!!!

Shari said...

That happened to my tummy, too. By the 4th child, my baby was hanging out so far that I had to wear a velcro belt thing to lift up my tummy. Congratulations. I just found out at Christmas that my sister is expecting #3. It was a Christmas surprise for her, but she is thrilled.

Andrea said...

I was the exact same way... I didn't have to wear maternity clothes FOREVER with Landen and then with Amelia.. within three months I had too. =)

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