Thursday, August 09, 2007

And he's UP!

Just yesterday Tate realized that he can STAND!! By himeself!! :) So ever since he figured that out he is standing everywhere! It sure didn't take him long to figue out the standing he stands in his crib, by the couch, by chairs, beside the bathtub, and pretty much anywhere else he thinks is a good standing spot. :) Today he even walked all the way along the couch BY HIMSELF!! :) He's just a little smarty pants! haha :)
Tonight I was shelling peas on the couch and Tate stood there and watched me for a good 20 minutes! Obviously he was quite interested in the pea shelling...and probably in the fact that every once in a while he got to eat a pea too! :) Anyways, this is him standing and watching...I think he's chewin' on a pea in this one too. :)

And finally a video so you can all see his standing skills first hand!! :) He even was trying to dance while he was standing and the toy was playing music...too cute!!! Okay...never mind, I can't get it to upload for some reason, so I'll try again tomorrow! :)


Kell Rees said...

Congratulation Tate! Your becoming a big boy!!!
He is so adorable!!!

Ellen said...

just you wait, it will not take long and your boy will be running around!! That's how Tristian was, once he got the idea that he could stand and move around it didn't take long to walk!!

hmmmm there's nothing more 'summer' than fresh peas!

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